Innovation, Innovation, Innovation: this is the key to success in today’s world. Let’s face it; do you really need another supplier knocking at your door to sell you Oak flooring, will this help you sell more floors? We thought not!

Trillium is a different kind of flooring company; our passion and vision is all about bringing the future of flooring to our distributors today. Like any industry, the future success of our retailers and manufacturers depends on today’s innovation.

Today’s consumers are very demanding, well informed and embrace new technology; they also want to be different. They shop and buy for different reasons than before. They also give top consideration to new and eco-friendly flooring products in their effort to buy green first.

New technology and eco-friendly floors have a story that drives industry gossip, creates tweets and gets bloggers to blog. These stories get consumers talking passionately about our products, bringing us all free advertizing!

What’s new at Trillium®? Fall 2012 will see the introduction of our all new Trillium® Eco-Flooring Centre. The program features 24 spectacular decors and includes both eco-hardwoods and FSC Bamboo in a wide range of finishes and styles. All eco-hardwood products are made from 100% plantation grown hardwood and/or reclaimed wood veneers. Categories include:

  • Picasso™ Flooring Art. This is the coolest eco-friendly flooring product sold in the USA today. It is a manufactured solid hardwood made from multiple species of reclaimed veneers and plantation grown veneers. The unique manufacturing process creates very high density boards with bold, flowing wood-grains that are accentuated by each wood species. Picasso™ really does create true masterpiece floors! 
  • EcoLyptus™ is our newest eco-friendly product introduction to North America; it is a manufactured solid hardwood made from 100% plantation grown Eucalyptus. The manufacturing process creates a board density that is two times harder than Red Oak. 5” wide boards feature a vibrant, rustic grain character with spectacular light reflecting qualities. 
  • Trillium™ Strand-woven FSC certified Bamboo is the dominant category in the Eco-Flooring Centre, counting nearly 20 selections! The new collection features multiple styles including: brushed, hand-scraped, exotic and classic decors, each available in several different colours. All selections are UniClic® profiled for fast and easy installation. These are amazing, game changing products that rival the most spectacular hardwoods for style, quality and value. 
    Trillium is committed to bringing America’s flooring retailers new, profitable and eco-friendly products that create market expanding opportunities. We look forward to being part of your future success.