Vintage wood offers a classic and timeless look for floors and walls alike, yet wood has its weaknesses: it can’t be used in wet or high-traffic areas, since it lacks the durability of porcelain tile. Now, Walker Zanger, amid its 60th year introduces Nature, an all-new plank-style porcelain tile collection that looks and feels like grain-sawn wood, yet wears like porcelain.

Nature looks like wood and boasts the feel, color, and finish of antique wood floors. Yet Nature is deceptively high-tech, employing advances in digital glazing to mimic the look and feel of wood, allowing it to be used in places where wood has always been used—and in many places it has not.

“With the advent of Nature, the look of rich antique wood can be brought to areas where water is present, such as kitchens and baths, as well as high-traffic areas like retail, hospitality and commercial office lofts,” notes Walker Zanger Vice President of Design and Marketing Jared Becker. “Its ability to beautifully weather the elements and wear-and-tear make it an exciting new choice for indoor and outdoor installations.”

Just like real wood, Nature is available in bold planks of 6- and 8-inch widths, each nearly four feet long. Nature is featured in colors that include: White, Honey, Grey, and Brown. The Nature Collection is available, nationwide.