Miami-based Surfaces, Inc., a producer and supplier of glass tile to America, has developed a new collection of glass tile mosaics named the "Feel Collection."

"The vibrant colors and the smooth, flowing textures are so attractive," stated Paul J. Young, CEO of Surfaces, Inc., "Immediately, it's as if you're actually feeling this product with your eyes. We did our homework and spent many hours developing the Feel Collection; we believe the colors are right in line with today's most fashionable interior and in-demand design palettes."

"Feel" is good for residential kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls; it offers limitless creative opportunities for application within commercial design arenas such as hospitality and retail construction.

Mesh-mounted "Feel" is available in 16 stunning mosaic color blends and is recommended for wall installation in both residential and commercial interiors. The 12" x 12" mosaic sheet contains chips which are 1" x 1" with 144 chips per sheet. The 13" x 12" mosaic sheet contains chips in various rectangular sizes with 25 chips per sheet.

All products of this series are stocked in the US, ready for timely distribution.