Armstrong brings innovative design, quality and practical value to its latest designs in laminate flooring. Armstrong draws inspiration from art, nature, fashion and culture.

“We are growing and continuing to energize the laminate business by launching eight new SKUs –products that are directed at both residential and commercial opportunities,” said Milton Goodwin, vice president, Product “The new products and selling kits have shipped to retail; the launch is supported with beautiful new catalogs and display sample updates.

Armstrong is adding these new designs, as well as additions to its most popular collections,including looks that offer random widths and lengths, EIR saw-cut and scraped, and new “metal patinas.”  The manufacturer is building on the success of its highly-popular Coastal Living collection with reclaimed and hand-scraped designs.

“Customers want beauty, performance and easy install. So we’re focused on providing the best, most realistic-looking laminate– and one that is easy for the retailer to sell offering unique selling propositions—from high-end luxury styling to durable performance characteristics,” said Goodwin.

High End Visuals, Premium 12mm Focus

These designs are brought to life in detail. “MasterWorks Technology creates the clearest images, most vibrant colors and most realistic designs in flooring, while MasterWorks Technology with VTx takes it a step further, adding strikingly realistic texture and embossing in perfect alignment with the images,” said Goodwin.

Three new looks in the popular Coastal Living laminate line include wood, metal and cement weathered by wind, sun and sea that will add an unexpected element to home décor. 

· The new Coastal Living Patinafloors featurecustom designer looks. Sea Wall uses random widths and texture to create the effect of precast cement weathered by sand and saltwater. With a shift in color, it becomes Ore, reclaimed metal from the ocean floor. Inspired by driftwood with its grays and warm under tones, the wide planks of Weatheredappear to have withstood year s of exposure to wind, sun and sea.

Armstrong Rustics Premium collection offers standard and wide width plank designs with textures, graining and natural aging to reflect the latest trends in hardwoods in three laminate designs.

All Commercial and many Premium laminate products feature Commercial VisionGuard, an AC5 and AC4 wear surface.

Armstrong laminate floors are built around a solid core for stability, lasting durability and moisture protection. HydraCore protects the floor from surface spills. It also adds the solid sound of real hardwood.

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