Often described as daytime television’s down-to-earth darling, Rachael Ray is getting a new home for her nationally-syndicated, Emmy Award winning talk show— and it’s largely outfitted in Mohawk’s flooring. Mohawk supplied approximately 1,000 square feet of flooring, including carpet, hardwood and laminate, for the Rachael Ray show’snew studio location in New York City. The high-profile design project was led by Mohawk spokesperson and HGTV celebrity designer Taniya Nayak, who asked to work exclusively with Mohawk for the extensive endeavor.

“Designing the dressing and green room areas for the Rachael Ray show is one of the highlights of my design career,” said Nayak. “It is also one of the most challenging projects I have tackled to date, as we had to completely overhaul this large space in less than five days. A lot was on the line, but my longstanding partnership with Mohawk gave me complete confidence throughout the process. Mohawk offered the perfect flooring solution for each and every one of my design needs.”

Nayak’s design focused on creating four distinct dressing rooms, with the two largest rooms doubling as a green room and a conference room, respectively. Because the Rachael Ray show attracts a wide spectrum of guests, including celebrities, famous politicians, athletes and more, Nayak gave each dressing room a unique theme in an effort to reach a broader range of personalities with her overall design. Here’s a closer look at the four spaces she designed, and the Mohawk flooring she used to flawlessly set the tone:

· Cape Cod Suite:  Functioning as both a dressing room and a large meeting space for Rachael Ray show staff, this Cape Cod suite brings traditional comfort to the forefront. Nayak incorporated two Mohawk bound carpet rugs in Luxury Square. She also took a non-traditional approach to design and used two variations of Mohawk’s Somerville hardwood in a wall application.

· Boutique Hotel: Nayak designed this dressing room to be elegant and alluring. She turned to Mohawk’s Ellington laminate in Sable Rosewood, creating an intimate space that appeals to guests’ glamorous side.

· Mid-Century Modern: Nayak is breaking the color barrier with this dressing room space. The bright hues seamlessly tied together by Mohawk’s Kincade laminate in Honey Blonde Maple.

· Aspen Lodge:  Serving as one last quiet retreat prior to greeting the show’s larger than life studio audience, Nayak used Mohawk’s Wear-Dated carpet in Just Beautiful to give this green room space a lounge-like feel. She also used Mohawk’s Boulevard laminate in both floor and wall applications.

“The flooring literally transformed everything,” explained Nayak, when asked about its role in her overall design vision. “This project speaks very highly for the depth and breadth of Mohawk’s product offering. I was able to design four gorgeously unique spaces exclusively with Mohawk flooring. I cannot wait for Rachael and her viewers to see what we’ve done.”

Approximately two million people are expected to tune in for the Sept. 12 episode, where Nayak will simultaneously reveal her design to Ray and her viewers. Elise Demboski, Mohawk’s vice president of creative services, says Mohawk is promoting the “can’t miss” moment on multiple social media channels, to give retail partners additional exposure and encourage consumers to tune in.

“This is a great opportunity for Mohawk to tap into Rachael Ray viewers on social media and introduce them to Mohawk Flooring,” said Demboski. “We are cross-promoting the big studio reveal on Mohawk’s Facebook page, we’re Tweeting about it, and we’re also linking to the Rachael Ray show’s Pinterest boards,” said Demboski. “All of this helps to drive traffic to our retail partners. Rachael Ray is a show our consumers love, and now Mohawk will be a part of it each and every day.”

Tune in Sept. 12 as Rachael Ray sees her new studio for the first time. Click hereto see what time/channel Rachael Ray airs in your market.