IEHA has created a special teaching outreach for its Members at Large who wish to maintain and renew their valuable credentials (REH, CEH, Masters Programs) consisting of “Questions to Answer” from recent articles published in EHT, the official journal of IEHA. This will enable IEHA members to procure CEU credits remotely.

“We want to make it easy for our Members at Large to keep up to date with CEU credits without always having to drive 100 to 500 miles to attend a geographically-distant chapter meeting,” said Beth Risinger, IEHA CEO and Executive Director. “Because we want to ensure certified IEHA members receive all the key benefits from IEHA, we are going to send study questions to these valuable IEHA stakeholders, FREE of charge. All they have to do is answer the questions, email or fax them back to us at IEHA HQ, then we will grade the answers, provide a response, and update CEUs as appropriate.”

“We have also created IEHA Unify []  - the popular online networking opportunity on the IEHA website - because there are many questions daily that our active members answer as well as ask for discussion.”

“The IEHA Board of Directors and staff hope these new opportunities make each IEHA member recognize that we care about them and appreciate their membership in IEHA,” noted Risinger.