EasyTurf, the landscape arm of sports-turf-giant FieldTurf, embarks on an industry first, the introduction of an environmentally responsible, 100% recycled infill option and the evolution of the artificial grass system.

For more than 12 years, EasyTurf has proudly converted old tires into infill, tires that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. Now, using advanced techniques and equipment from FieldTurf’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Calhoun, GA, used turf is being transformed into an infill option. The process applies to any synthetic grass product.

“As the first company to successfully remove and recycle an entirely synthetic football field, we clearly demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship,” says EasyTurf President David Hartman. “We are proud to provide both the most superior draining and realistic synthetic grass AND increase our ability to preserve natural resources in numerous ways.”

The company promotes artificial turf for commercial, residential, municipal, and military landscape. Clients choose EasyTurf for aspects including water conservation, non-toxic materials, low maintenance, durability, unmatched drainage and the most realistic look and feel. EasyTurf is excited about its innovative process and role as an industry leader in the “Green” movement. In an age when environmental stewardship ranks higher than ever, people look to conserve water and recycle. The actions of EasyTurf and FieldTurf show they are dedicated to satisfying both desires.

A fire retardant series is also now available. Without the use of heavy metals, FieldTurf has applied a proprietary formula to create a flame-retardant system that exceeds any flame test or building code. The FlameGuard Infill consists of patent-pending pellets that quickly extinguish flame spread and can be produced using 100% recycled turf, available now in limited quantities.