Bosch Power Tools is leading the charge to deliver on the promise of productivity by providing mobile professionals and technicians with innovative, organized and customizable mobility solutions. Bosch’s new partnership with The Knapheide Manufacturing Company and Sortimo International GmbH – both industry leaders in their respective fields, seeks to give professionals back time in their day and increase their overall efficiency.
“Optimized jobsite efficiency for a mobile professional results from improved compatibility of smart storage, organization and transportation,” said Teresa Celmer, director, brand and channel marketing, Bosch Power Tools. “We’re thrilled to partner with Knapheide and Sortimo, combine our various areas of expertise and together, deliver a solution that enhances not only jobsite productivity, but overall quality of life for the mobile technician.”

From HVAC professionals and electrical contractors, to telecom professionals and construction and agricultural equipment dealers, mobile technicians regularly spend a great portion of their work day locating or purchasing supplies such as tools, accessories or parts and moving to and from jobsites.
Extended tests with mobile professionals have shown that a more organized, mobile solution will substantially reduce downtime, significantly increasing jobsite productivity.
Bosch Power Tools teamed up with Sortimo, the leading manufacturer and supplier of in-vehicle equipment and created a new company – Bosch Sortimo Systems GmbH – a joint venture to develop and sell compatible storage and transport systems for tools, accessories and supplies that improve the productivity of the mobile technician. Together with The Knapheide Manufacturing Company, the nation’s premier manufacturer of service and platform bodies specializing in production of more efficient work vehicles, Bosch is now delivering customized mobility solutions for professionals in the U.S. and Canada. A family-owned operation, Knapheide has been delivering high-quality, work-ready transportation solutions to customers for more than 160 years while Sortimo has established a reputation for quality when creating custom, lightweight and crash-tested storage solutions for commercial vehicles.
Together, the three market leaders deliver a truly innovative and fully compatible mobility solution to the marketplace featuring ways for professionals to safely and neatly store and manage inventory with the use of customizable racks, trays and inlays.
The new partnership will focus on enhancing intelligent solutions for power tool storage and transport, such as the recently released Bosch L-Boxx system, a series of durable, yet light-weight click-stackable cases made in various sizes to accommodate different tools and supplies. The joint venture seeks to make tool transportation safer than ever, reduce actual transport time for the professional and continue to expand the L-Boxx system’s storage and capabilities. These storage solutions combined with Knapheide’s best-in-class service bodies come together to provide an all-encompassing productive, secure and organized vehicle solution for a wide variety of mobile professionals.

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