Marazzi USA introduces their newest glazed ceramic. Two mid-size modules – 12˝ x 12˝ and 18˝ x 18˝ – in soft grey(Manitoba), ivory (New Brunswick) and rust (Nova Scotia) neutrals create easy blends and backdrops that re-define travertine for either rustic or refined interior settings.

• Warm, muted shades in travertine-inspired ranges adorn PROVINCE’s flat surface while a clean, straight edge treatment completes the look. Single bull nose trim is available in each color to finish projects.
• Mesh-mounted mosaic sheets in each color are comprised of 2˝ x 2˝ square components that lend incredible design flexibility to indoor horizontal and vertical surfaces. Utilize the full 12”x12” sheets to cover entire floors and walls or to fill large focal areas like backsplashes, rugs or fireplace surrounds. Conversely, downsize the sheets by cutting them into strips, small squares or individual dots that easily integrate as decorative elements within a larger design concept.
• Recycled content plus no VOC emissions provide a family-friendly, environmentally-friendly combination. Domestic production in Sunnyvale, Texas assures ready accessibility for quick shipment.
• With a significantly lower life cycle cost than natural travertine, PROVINCE’s surface is simple to clean and requires no special maintenance procedures. Just hot water and a pH-neutral cleanser is all that’s needed to keep it looking great. The soft surface of true travertine often degrades, revealing cavities and requiring sealing – absolutely not the case with the hygienic, glazed surface of PROVINCE.