According to August 2012 data released by Harvard University, annual homeowner improvement spending will reach $128.9 billion by the first quarter of 2013. One way to dramatically transform the look of a home is through wood renewal processes that recover the beauty of a wood floor with advanced abrasion techniques. N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal, a national partner of The Home Depot for wood refinishing/renewal of kitchen cabinets and wood floors, has just launched a new Ultraviolet premium wood refinishing product, appropriately named “Light Speed,” that instantly dries and cures wood surfaces.

Years ago, when consumers got a filling at the dentist, they were not able to eat on that side of their mouth for hours. Now society has harnessed light technology to make it possible for consumers to eat comfortably upon leaving the dentist chair. N-Hance’s exciting UV wood finishing technology is that same technology, but on a larger scale. Scheduled to launch to the public nationwide by the end of November, N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal is the first nationwide franchise system to develop such a product. The new UV floor refinishing offers consumers the following benefits:

·  “Cures” the finish and makes it usable right away as opposed to traditional wood finishes that can take up to two weeks to dry.

· Costs only $1 more per square foot than the conventional wood finish.

· Can be used on cabinets and kitchen tables, bars, as well as on wood floors.

· Is the most durable finish with the highest wear index and highest scratch resistance.

“The launch of our new product will enable us to better serve our commercial and residential customers who are seeking a more convenient wood floor renewal method,” said Ben Davis, N-Hance President. “The UV light technology is great for commercial settings where businesses can’t afford to be down for two weeks with no furniture on a floor. N-Hance can put the finish on at night and have that business be ready to open the next morning. It will also assist homeowners who are seeking a quick return on investment when preparing their home for sale.”