FCICA, the flooring contractors association, is proud to announce Wally Adamchik of Firestarter Speaking and Consulting as FCICA’s Keynote speaker at the 31st Annual Convention in New Orleans, LA on February 24-27, 2013, being held at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel. "Get Connected” has a great line up of educational sessions geared towards Installation Managers in the flooring industry.  Attendees can register at the FCICA website at www.fcica.com under the ‘Highlights’ section on the main page or under the events tab.

Opening Session and General Membership Meeting

Keynote Speaker – Wally Adamchik, FireStarter Speaking/Consultants. Construction Leadership From A – Z

A long time ago in a classroom far, far away you learned your ABC’s. In this dynamic session delivered, by industry expert Wally Adamchik, you learn some of the ABC’s of leadership in construction.  We don’t have time for 26 so we will hit the most important ones you select. Each attendee will receive a copy of the new book, Construction Leadership From A to Z and we will put pen to paper to move from education to application. Interactive and impactful. Leadership requires lifelong learning and this session will keep you on that track. 

Education Session 1 – The Negotiations Dilemma – Wally Adamchik, FireStarter Speaking and Consulting.

How do you find that win-win solution in a hard bid world where people are always looking for a cheaper price? First you have to know the process, next you need to know the tactics used and abused. The good Ole boy? Good cop/bad cop? What would you do? This session is great for Installation Managers on how to deal with people on the jobsite! Compete or collaborate? What is your preference? Learn your preferred style to resolve a conflict. 

Educational Session 2- “Connections”

Join us for a unique way for contractors to meet one-on-one with the technical representative of our Associate membership.  In a 5 minute “speed” introduction meet 18 of the top Manufacturers as they introduce themselves and explain their process when you win a project using their product. 

Educational Session 3 – Commercial Wood Floor Applications.  Presenter: Bob Goldstein - Carver Wood Products, LLC.

In this session you will learn the selection of the right species and cut of wood for commercial flooring applications.  When to use solid wood, engineered, glued down, nailed or floated.  What finish choices should be made along with the maintenance of the floor?  We will also touch on job site conditions, floor prep, sub-floors and moisture testing relating to wood floors installations.

Education Session 4 – Where Technology is Today – The Hand-off Process. Presenter: Terry Wheat, President RFMS

The Take-off is complete, bid awarded, now what?  This presentation will take a look at how technology streamlines the project management process today.  What should the hand-off process to installation managers be?  What system needs to be in place for tracking paperwork?  We will take a look at the workflow for project managers and how it can be simplified and organized by using technology from the projects beginning to end.

Education Session 5 - Associate Member Table Top Trade Show

In this session manufactures and suppliers will have the opportunity to showcase their new and innovative products and/or services.  Each contractor will get the opportunity to visit various tables and learn about the new products and services in the industry today.


Educational Session 6 – Moisture – Mitigate vs. Remediate.  Presenters:  Jeff Johnson, MAPEI and Bruce Newbrough, ARDEX Americas 

In this presentation you will hear industry experts discussing the differences between mitigating a moisture condition versus remediating a moisture problem.  These are two very distinct situations that have unique difference in terms of what solutions work best.  You will learn about the various test methods available to determine moisture content and condition in a concrete slab.  Also discussed will be the requirements for subfloor preparation prior to the application of any type of product solution.  Product types, application techniques and finishing methods will also be discussed.  The ultimate goal of this presentation is to provide the listener with the proper tools to determine when to mitigate a moisture condition versus remediate a moisture problem.  The end game is to provide the customer with a bullet-proof installation that works within fast track job site time constraints as well as protects the finished wear layer from the ravages of uncontrolled moisture emissions.

Educational Session 7 – Defining LVT, Moderator:  Brent Fike, FLEXCO.  Panelists:  Pete Austin, Gerflor, Garth Gaffney, Centiva, and Jeremy Whipple, Procedo 

In this session you will learn all about LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile).  Panelists will cover the differences between glue down, loose lay and locking product types and what to expect in regards to performance as well as applications for use, adhesives needed, installation techniques, cost differences and much more.