Preverco affirms its leadership once again by unveiling its new positioning: Preverco, Creating Ambiance. Reflective of a company in constant evolution and a well-defined vision for the future, this promise is backed by a new website that will be previewed for booth visitors (and will be launched in February) as well as several new communication tools.

According to Étienne Chabot, Vice President of Marketing, “The unveiling of our new positioning is an important milestone in the history of the company. It shows that Preverco is determined to work in collaboration with everyone who takes the design of their home to heart, in order to create a unique space that is comfortable to live in.”

The new website and communication tools drop the technical jargon and usual classifications in order to provide a richer and much more evocative environment. The product lines are simplified and grouped into three distinct collections—Expression, Distinction and Inspiration—and the various wood grades are replaced by appearance descriptions that evoke the look of the wood: Pure, Nuance, Variation and Variation with knots. The website also features a selection tool that allows users to view hardwood products based on a desired style.

Always committed to research and development, Preverco is also launching a brand-new line of oiled products with a totally new look. This line is offered on an XL version of the excellent SolidGenius engineered flooring platform with extra-long, extra-wide boards for an impressive look. This new product is available in 7 beautiful colours.