founder and president, Zachary T. Haines, is changing the face of social networking with his new Social Trade Network, which is focused on the needs of manufacturers, distributors, manufacturer’s reps, contractors, and end-users inside industries like Carpet Tile & Flooring, Tools, Material Handling, and many others.

While other social network sites allow companies to build up “likes” and “follows,” Industry Huddle’s approach is to provide an industry-focused platform where companies find new sales leads or potential suppliers in the Carpet Tile & Flooring industry, for example, and then request products samples, send quotes, or upload bids. 

In the past, social media has provided companies with the ability to communicate to customers in a B2C open forum but, according to the staff at, such a method does not take into account the complex communication network in the supply chain, where the terms “customer” and “supplier” depend on the transaction.

“My goal with this website is to make it easier for companies to do business online, while protecting the integrity of the supply chain,” said Haines.  “This means that companies are in control of their information on the website, particularly when it comes to which users can view a company’s sales promotions and listings.”

When a company joins the website, they choose to receive announcements, or “Huddle Posts,” only from relevant companies, instead of updates about individuals in all industries.  This structure is a revolutionary step for how B2B companies network online, and it helps to rid the excess noise companies find when leveraging social media for product sales.

Members on the site also have the ability to search for other companies based upon whether they are seeking a manufacturer, distributor, service provider, or end-user.  The search can find companies by industry (with over 40 to choose from), the location of the company, and the products that they buy or sell.  This advanced search is simply not available through most social networking sites.

Industry Huddle is expected to increase its users rapidly thanks to its Members Savings Program.  The website is offering instant savings on business expenses when a company signs up for free, with up to 62% off at Staples, 25-35% off from Sprint plans, 25% and more off ADP Payroll Processing, saving cents at the pump, plus numerous other expense cuts. 

Haines has experience working with manufacturers and distributors directly as the Executive Director for the Distributor Partners of America (DPA), a buying group with over 500 member companies.  Many DPA members have already signed up to, but he stresses that the website is free for any company to sign up and begin taking advantage of its savings and industry directory.