Further confirming its sustainability position, Perennial Wood recently was named a Green Certified Product by Home Innovation Research Labs, formerly the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Research Center. This distinction means that projects incorporating Perennial Wood can earn points towards certification under the National Green Building Standard.

“Becoming a Green Certified Product is a great way to officially connect Perennial Wood to quality green building,” said Ken Flint, market development manager for Perennial Wood. “This reinforces our sustainability position while supporting our customers’ pursuit of green building certifications.”

To become a Green Certified Product, Perennial Wood was evaluated by the Home Innovation Research Lab for meeting National Green Building certification criteria. The National Green Building Standard uses the Green Scoring Tool to award points for design, preparation, development, efficiency and environmental quality. Specific products that have been approved by the program can be found at www.GreenApprovedProducts.org.

Made by Eastman Chemical Company, Perennial Wood is real wood modified to endure nature’s harshest elements. It is modified through TruLast Technology to resist changes from moisture and remain dimensionally stable, making it suitable for nearly any exterior construction application.

Perennial Wood is made from U.S. Southern pine and is processed and finished in the U.S., eliminating the need for shipping wood from offshore sources, lessening the environmental impact. Because it lasts longer than most unmodified wood, Perennial Wood needs to be replaced less often, resulting in less material disposal over the long term. TruLast Technology leaves no toxic substances within the wood, delivering peace of mind to homeowners.

Perennial Wood decking is available at select retail locations and lumberyards in the Northeast while Perennial Wood porch flooring is available at lumberyards in the Northeast and South-Atlantic. To locate a dealer, visit PerennialWood.com.