Bob Timberlake (Roberts Edgar Timberlake, Sr.) and the Timberlake family celebrate 100 years in home furnishings this year. Bob's grandfather, Edgar Anderson Timberlake, moved to Lexington with his wife, widowed mother-in-law and four single sisters-in-law in 1905. He founded and later incorporated Piedmont Furniture Company in 1913. Edgar was a natural-born salesman. Bob's grandfather liked to tell people that he start in business without a nickel to his name, and Piedmont Furniture Company thrived. Many early furniture stores, including Piedmont Furniture, were known back then to hand-craft caskets as part of their business. This soon started yet another business for the family and was named Piedmont Funeral Home. Piedmont Gas Service Company was later started in 1948.

After graduating from college, Bob Timberlake became involved in his family's five businesses. Today, Bob continues that family tradition in the furniture business. The Bob Timberlake branded furniture collection has been recognized to be the most successful furniture brand ever launched in the history of the home furnishings industry. Bob continues to design and sell art, furniture, and home furnishings to people all around the world.