Daltile’s dedication to innovative product development and distinguished style is proven once again through the launch of four new collections– Florentine Glazed Porcelain/Ceramic, Cortona Glazed Porcelain, Bay Bridge Colorbody Porcelain, Parkway Glazed Ceramic and Mosaic Traditions Glass & Stone Mosaics. These new product lines, the first of two launches this spring, bring even greater design flexibility to Daltile’s residential and commercial audiences, a testament to the brand’s constant focus on its customers.  

“At Daltile, we strive to ensure we have depth in our product offerings, provide competitive pricing and continue to deliver product innovation,” said Lori Kirk-Rolley, senior marketing director for Daltile. “This new product launch represents the “best in class” our customers know and expect from Daltile and our ongoing commitment to those looking for total design versatility in the products they choose.”

With each new collection, Daltile continues to respond to the emerging trends driving today’s residential and commercial designs. This first launch features the evolution of trends like wood looks, subtle dimensionality, plank sizes and the use of larger format sizes used both on the floor and on the wall, all trends Daltile anticipates will continue to remain popular for years to come.

New Product Introductions:

Florentine Glazed Porcelain/Ceramic & Glazed Wall with Reveal Imaging

Daltile has seen a renewed interest in marble, and Florentine offers a solution for those who seek the beauty of marble with the performance, durability and ease of maintenance of porcelain tile. This classic look of marble and stone comes to life in the Florentine collection thanks to Daltile’s patented Reveal Imaging technology. 

Florentine features two classic marble visuals, Carrara and Marfil, and introduces two contemporary natural stone visuals in a warm gray (Agento) and soft brown (Nociolla).

  • Modular floor field sizes available include 24x24, 12x24 and 12x12.
  • Available wall sizes include 12x24 and 10x14, as well as a 2x4 Brick-joint Mosaic.
  • Available trim sizes include 3x12, 3x3, 3x12 and 3x10.

Cortona Glazed Porcelain with Reveal Imaging

High-end, classic style comes standard with Cortona, one of Daltile’s newest Glazed Porcelain collections with Reveal Imaging technology. Cortona’srich aesthetic easily coordinates with most designs thanks to its selection of crisp colors, beautiful accents and two available finishes.

Cortona features a realistic, natural stone visual with a durable porcelain tile. In addition, its chiseled edges and light pitting resemble the texture of natural stone.

  • Offered in a crisp, cool palette of four shades (White Flora, Tuscan Sun, Mediterranean Sand and Umbrian Hill) that can be mixed, matched and coordinated with any space.
  • Available in six floor field tile sizes, 20x20, 16x24, 13x20, 13x13 and 6-1/2x6-1/2. A 4x13 decorative accent is also available, as well as a 3x13 bullnose offering for trim.

Bay Bridge Colorbody Porcelain

The use of tile that emulates wood is a growing style trend, and Bay Bridge is a modern interpretation of that trend through its natural tone and complexion of wood, textured fabric and concrete. Bay Bridge comes in popular plank sizes for unique designs, and four warm colors with wide pattern variation for added style.

Hardwoods have an aesthetic design appeal to homeowners, but can be limited in application. Bay Bridge realistically mimics the look of hardwood with the long-lasting durability and ease of maintenance of porcelain tile. This provides a multitude of options, including high traffic areas and rooms exposed to high moisture levels, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

  • Bay Bridge is offered in four colors (Vista, Ashwood, Trestle and Mainland) that feature reflective elements to add depth and dimension to the textured surfaces.
  • It is available in four popular plank tile sizes, 24x24, 12x24, 12x12 and 6x24.
  • Trim pieces include a 3x12 Bullnose, 6x12 Cove Base and 1x6 Cove Outcorner.

Parkway Glazed Ceramic Floor & Wall
The use ofsophisticated, minimalist graphics that imitate stained concrete and other visuals, with just a hint of visual movement continues to be popular, and was the inspiration behind Daltile’s Parkway collection. Parkway’s fresh design mimics the look and movement of concrete in a contemporary color palette that seamlessly blends with any space. This glazed ceramic line is durable, low-maintenance and features larger sizes to create the most stylish look. It is a complementary floor and wall tile that’s also an affordable alternative to a stained concrete look.

  • Floor and Wall tile sizes are available in four contemporary colors (Cream, Beige, Brown and Gray). 
  • Available floor field sizes available include 24x24, 12x24 and 18x18 and 13x13.
  • Available wall sizes include 9x12 and 6x6.
  • Comprehensive trim package includes 13x13 Floor Bullnose, 6x6 Wall Bullnose, 6x6 Wall Bullnose Corner, 3x9 Wall Bullnose and 3x3 Wall Bullnose Corner. 

Mosaic Traditions Glass & Stone Mosaics

The line features complementary color tones of gray, tan, brown and white to balance any space with modest beauty and charm.

· Available in six glass and stone blends (Desert Dune, Caramelo, Zen Escape, Evening Sky, Oasis and Skyline)

· Three unique sizes include 1x1 Mosaic, ¾ x1-1/2 Brick-joint Mosaic and 5/8x3 Brick-joint Mosaic.

· All available sizes are 4mm thick and are mesh mounted.