Hyde Tools will once again be present to unveil an outstanding array of new and innovative products when the 2013 show begins May 7 in Las Vegas.

In addition to a full product display and new demonstrations at the HYDE booth (#5915), Hyde’s latest innovation in outdoor cleaning will be demonstrated by Handy Magazine in the outdoor tailgate section of the show. The HYDE PivotJet spray wand for garden hoses will be tested there by Tool Testers for the Handyman Club of America. Demonstrations will be provided throughout the show.

Inside, Hyde staff will demonstrate the new HYDE Regrout Tool, a new safe, easy, effective and economical tool for updating old tile surfaces by replacing the grout. This year’s featured products include:

New Dust-free Sanding Solutions

Hyde has just introduced a new HYDE Dust-free Sponge Sander that uses pop-in, pop-out sanding sponges in place of sandpaper. Among the many advantages is the fact that it can be used on any material, not just drywall. Simply select the right grit for the job, hook the sander to a wet/dry vac, and sand – a simple way to eliminate up to 95% of dust while sanding. The sanding sponges outlast sandpaper, do not tear, are washable and reusable and take just a moment to load. Ideal for projects such as cabinet and molding refinishing, furniture and stairway restoration, and drywall patching.

The HYDE CLAW GRIP Pole Sander also uses sanding sponges, with an easy loading technique. Simply place the aluminum sanding head onto the surface of the sponge and release the “claw,” which grips the sponge securely for hours of sanding. A low profile design with U-joint action keeps the sander from “flipping” and damaging the wall. And sanding sponges available include a triangular sponge for corners. The sanding head, of course, fits any Acme threaded pole.

Cost-effective New Regrout Alternative

Replacing old tile can cost thousands and usually requires a professional. The alternative? An innovative new tools that will allow anyone to refresh their tile, rather than replace it, by removing old grout. This tool is quick and easy to use and –  the HYDE Regrout Tool will  not damage tiles and generates little or no dust.

New Cleaning Solutions

Outdoor cleaning made simple! Introducing the HYDE PivotJet Pro, a spray wand that attaches to your everyday garden hose. The wand adds extra reach and versatility for virtually any type of outdoor cleaning, along with a soap reservoir that allows you to mix in cleaners.Best of all, the PivotJet has a patented nozzle that pivots with the simple push of a handle, allowing you to change the direction or angle of the stream and project water into difficult spaces without using your body to stoop, twist or stretch. Twist the nozzle and you can also adjust the spray pattern from a light mist for flowers to a pressurized stream for cleaning gutters, house siding, windows, vehicles or other outdoor surfaces. The rubberized tip protects surfaces for close range cleaning and the free-spinning hose interface prevents kinking. Have a favorite nozzle? Attach it to the PivotJet and keep spraying.

Also available this year is the eco-friendly HYDE Quickly Clean Glove, which allows you to wash most anything without using harsh chemicals. Just wet the glove and wear it on one hand to finish cleanup fast, whether you’re taking oil paint off your hands and tools, baked-on grease off the oven, tar off your car or dirt and mildew out of the shower. This is a great cleanup tool for worksites, where cleaning with chemicals is problematic. The glove removes paint, caulk, adhesive, grease and more using, at most, plain water and a mild detergent. This is an indispensable item for painters, mechanics, hobbyists and homeowners.

Helpful Paint Accessories

This handy new tool from HYDE has 101 uses, so have one at your reach every time you paint. The new HYDE Painter's Assistant works as a carrying handle for both 1- and 2-quart containers and also clips to your roller tray, giving you a fool-proof, magnetic brush holder that's always handy. But that's not all: this tool works as a paint can opener, brush and roller cleaner, belt hook, garage tool hanger, and even has a built-in putty knife/scraper. Pros and homeowners will want to keep several on hand.