HPS Schönox is proud to be partnering with CCA Global Partners to supply their independently-owned members with a full line of subfloor products. The Schönox product series includes primers, repair mortars, floor leveling compounds, and adhesives.  “The thorough vetting and due diligence process that CCA Global Partners uses to review its vendors was welcomed by our team,” explained Enos Farnsworth, president of HPS North America, Inc.  “We are proud of our partnership with CCA and eager to get to work with its strong member network.”

The association with CCA Global will pave the way for HPS Schönox to supply CCA’s members with a full line of subfloor products designed to reduce the cost and time it takes to renovate floors.  The line includes the only self-leveling compounds offered within the CCA network.  Among those self leveling products are Schönox AP and APF.  Designed especially for the renovation industry, these unique products can go over many damaged, uneven, or critical substrates drying to an incredible minimal compressive strength of 5400psi.  Both Schönox AP and APF are synthetic gypsum based made from the by-product of the process used to purify emissions from power plants. 

“Many builders, architects, and designers find the environmental aspects of Schönox AP and APF to be especially attractive given their contribution to LEED credits,” said Karen Bellinger, HPS Schönox Business Development.  “Once they see that these products significantly reduce demolition material going to landfills, have no VOCs, and are made from recycled material paired with the strong performance of the products, they are sold.”  Fortified using a special conversion method, synthetic gypsum is far superior to traditional gypsum-based products.

This July 29 through August 2, HPS Schönox will be exhibiting at the CCA Global Partners Summer Convention at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.  “CCA’s partners are an elite group of entrepreneurs that are always looking for innovative ways to serve their customers at a higher level,” commented Farnsworth.  “Our Schönox Roll and Go is just one example where we will help them do just that.”  Schönox Roll and Go is a rollable acrylic adhesive for use with luxury vinyl tile applied from a standing position.  The product comes as an integrated kit containing everything that is needed to use the product.  Floor installation can begin fifteen minutes after application.  Tiles are bound immediately, can be walked on right away, and bear loads immediately.