Jimmy Reed has been installing glass mosaic tile in Los Angeles for more than 35 years with his own certain flair. In particular, Reed has found tremendous success in the expert installation of luxury glass mosaic tile pools and spas in the affluent foothills of West L.A. He is often sought after for technical, high-profile glass tile projects in Beverly Hills and beyond.

Recently, David Tisherman, the principal and founder of David Tisherman’s Visuals, Inc., called on Reed to install the SICIS glass mosaic tile piece of an intense waterscape design for a uniquely narrow backyard space of an influential Hollywood screenwriter’s residence in Pacific Palisades. Tisherman also happens to be very well-known in his craft, considered a masterful water-effects designer and builder with a gift for understanding architecture and how it visually relates with the art of water.

For this limited space, Tisherman’s design specified imported Turkish limestone. The Hollywood screenwriters new, 36” x 14” water visual was designed to flow within rectangular lines of the property and the contemporary architecture of the home. The first visual the homeowner or guests will encounter when they enter the backyard space is the beautiful thermal shelf that Reed precision-surfaced using a colorful custom-blend of SICIC glass mosaic tiles.

The rectangular shelf runs along the near-side of the pool against the limestone until it meets the custom designed spa. Reed used the same blend of 5/8” x 5/8” SICIS glass tile for every surface of the therapy spa. The glass tiles that Reed installed bring drama to the front edge wall that slightly cantilevers over the surface water of the main pool. In the end, the real importance of the glass tile thermal shelf and unique spa design was to create the visual of a much larger pool.

“It’s important that I work with only the best, period,” said Tisherman. “I’m not looking to compromise. I’m not looking to come close. Everything has to be perfect, which is why I only work with Jimmy (Reed) when it comes to the installation of glass mosaic tile.”

For the color of the main pool’s shell, Tisherman mixed up his signature shade of deep jade he developed many years ago to color the Pebble Fina shell of the entire pool’s body. The pool walls have a series of three lights evenly spaced 24” below the surface of the water on both sides of the pool - directly across from one another. This “patterning” style of lighting intensifies the pool’s unique hue at night.

At night the entire setting is completely backlit to bring out the reddish-brown colors of the modular wall panels that surround the pool with help from a natural field of thickened bamboo stocks that outline the property. This usage of light added another layered effect for a finished result in perfect harmony with the color theme and architectural style of this contemporary residence in Pacific Palisades.