Washington State Floor Covering Association has unveiled a new name. There are several reasons for the change:

· Our association currently serves members in a broader region than Washington State.

· We want to project “who we are” at the beginning of the name.

· The acronym WSFCA is often confused with WFCA. WSFCA will now be Flooring Association Northwest. The new acronym of F A N will eliminate the confusion with our association and World Floor Covering Association.

Both the mission and vision statements have also been updated. They were designed to broaden the depth of our purpose and vision. The simplicity of the statements makes them both more memorable, thus easier to use.

· Mission Statement:  Raising the floor on standards, relationships and profitability

o We plan to put an emphasis on raising standards in our industry. This will occur through a number of means including education and advocacy.

o The word relationships better identifies the invaluable connections that are made in our organization and the unity that is created through the common goal of improving the industry.

o As a result of taking advantage of and putting into practice our educational offerings and the wisdom gained through relationships developed here, members are much more likely to succeed and become more profitable.

· Vision Statement: The place for all flooring professionals

o We are putting an emphasis on the word “all”! Our membership has continued to stay strong and grow even during the economic downturn. The membership committee has some exciting ideas brewing to continue this trend in even greater stride.