Royalty Carpet Mills has announced Andrea Greenleaf as the new President/CEO of Royalty Carpet Mills, Inc. Andrea, who is honoring the influence and insight of her father and company founder Mike Derderian, states, “My father used to say ‘be a leader, not a follower, and never look back – don’t stop moving forward.’ That day  has arrived and in his honor, I intend to stay true to his vision of keeping Royalty competitive as a high quality brand with superior value products. My first steps were to chart a new course with an updated brand ID and several new product introductions.”

Both the Royalty and Camelot new visual identities reflect the future while giving a nod to the past. Each icon image combines the look of the established identity with a more contemporary typeface and color palette. The updated branding elements feature Deck Boards, Flip Card and Architect Folders, along with the Corporate Identity and other materials. They all showcase the subtle elegance and styling that has defined the Royalty family of products since its inception in 1966.

The first wave of new products begins with Camelot, Royalty’s high‐end residential line, and will be followed shortly by other new Royalty products. Camelot product introductions such as CASSINI/CAPRICE and ASTRATTO/AVENTURA will continue its highly styled and sophisticated point of view.

New Royalty introductions will launch with STARLIGHT/SERENADE and CORD/CHENILLE. The new rebranding also includes the tagline, “A California Manufacturer”, which adds emphasis to the fact that Royalty is the only privately owned West Coast carpet manufacturer vertically integrated throughout the manufacturing process. In addition, Royalty enjoys the reputation of being a pioneer in the environmental movement within the California city of Irvine with its water and waste reclamation, energy co‐generation and heat recycling efforts.

Andrea’s role as an integral part of Royalty’s history is well known in the industry, and now with her at the helm, Royalty has become the first woman owned carpet manufacturer. Andrea’s fashion, style, and color expertise has influenced and contributed greatly to Royalty’s success over the years. In re‐emphasizing her commitment to the Royalty brand, Andrea states, “As one of the largest, privately owned carpet manufacturers in the country, Royalty’s heritage has always been one of outstanding customer service, on‐time delivery and top quality products at an excellent value. We will continue to honor these traditions as our approachable, open‐door policy moves the company forward in a viable direction.”

Environmentally Conscientious
At Royalty, we care about the environment and take great strides to be an environmentally conscientious manufacturer. We practice water and waste reclamation, energy co‐generation, heat recycling, reduced atmospheric emissions and indoor air quality. Through these processes, we are dedicated to the manufacture of
quality carpet, while ensuring we do not harm our environment in the process. Please see our website for all the details on our environmental efforts.

Awards for Environmental Excellence
• “Water Winner Award” from the Irvine Ranch Water District ‐ In 1996 Royalty Carpet Mills became one of the first businesses in Irvine, CA, to connect to the newly created reclaimed water distribution system. By using approximately 600,000 gallons of reclaimed water in the dyeing and manufacturing processes daily, we save over 150 million gallons of water per year.
• “Clean Air Partner” with the South Coast Air Quality Management District was awarded for achieving the 2004 target levels for NO2 (nitrous oxide) emissions, which was all accomplished five years ahead of schedule. The SCAQMD is among the strictest environmental regulatory agencies in the USA.
• All Royalty products exceed the “Green Label Plus” specifications for low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) established by the Carpet and Rug Institute.
• “Corporate Sponsor Award” from the Carpet and Rug Institute – “In Recognition of Your Support, Dedication and Leadership in the Development of Market‐Based Solutions for the Recycling and Re‐use of Post Consumer Carpet.”