Amala Carpets, creators of custom handmade luxury carpets, has received award accolades and rave reviews for their newly-launched Zee Silk collection. Amala developed a new eco-friendly and sustainable silk fibre, manufactured with 100 percent organic methods and materials, for their exclusive hand-woven creations. The new collection was born after several years of research and testing to preserve the silk’s best qualities, including its natural strength, shimmer and durability.

“The Aria design is part of our newest line of carpets called the Zee Silk collection, featuring 100 percent organic, handcrafted silk carpets from Thailand,” said Shan Shrestha, Amala Carpets founder and designer. “It is truly a spectacular collection, combining traditional Thai weaving techniques with modern design. From cocoon to carpet, the entire process is all natural and made without machines or any chemicals – making Zee Silk one of the most environmentally-friendly carpets available in the world today.  ”

In order to create the Aria design, and the entire Zee Silk collection, a nearly extinct method of hand-processing silk was revived. This traditional technique, originally used to make garments for Thai royalty, preserves the silk proteins, giving the carpets an unmatched shimmer and durability.

The techniques were modernized to create an eco-friendly and sustainable weave. The entire process is run by a local group, of empowered women, whom have trained for eight years in the art of carpet making. Local silk is harvested and reeled by hand before being washed with a natural mixture of tropical fruits to prepare it for dying. The silk is dyed with non-toxic colourants, ensuring no heavy chemicals or pollutants are released into the environment.

Since founding Amala Carpets in 2011, Shan has been intimately connected with her carpets and the artisans who craft each one. She and her team have created custom-designed, luxury carpets for high-end consumers. Inspired by nature, each piece blends ancient techniques with a new perspective and a modern interpretation that saves energy and natural resources, by using an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

Shan has refined tradition with her new, fresh vision for a future of sustainable design. She offers clients personalized attention and attention to detail to deliver unimaginable one-of-a-kind pieces that meet her clients’ custom specifications and surpass their personal style demands