Recognizing the need in the marketplace for a mortar that would deliver successful large-format tile installations, MAPEI has developed Kerabond T, a premium-grade, nonsag, nonslump mortar for use in thin-set and medium-bed tile installations on interior/exterior residential and commercial floors and walls. When mixed with water, Kerabond T acts as a medium-bed mortar meeting the ANSI A118.1 standard and ISO 13007 Classification C1T.

When mixed with Keralastic, a second-generation “flexible” acrylic latex additive from MAPEI, the resulting system has exceptional bond strength, flexural strength, elongation characteristics and freeze/thaw durability, meeting the ANSI A118.15 standard and ISO 13007 Classification C2ES2P2. The high-performance bond makes Kerabond T / Keralastic the best medium-bed mortar system for the most difficult tiles, substrates and conditions.

“The Kerabond T / Keralastic two-component mortar system provides superior bond strength, improved deflection characteristics and the ability to bond to porcelain tiles, plywood and other difficult-to-bond-to substrates,” said Brian Pistulka, Business Manager for the MAPEI Tile & Stone Installation Systems line. “Kerabond T is the perfect mortar for use with the new large-format tiles and thin-tile panels that the architectural and design community is currently specifying for their eco-sustainable qualities.”

Through research at its Centers for Excellence in Research and Development over the past two years, MAPEI has documented the successful process for installing large-format thin tile panels on walls and floors. This type of installation allows renovations over existing tile as well as other engineer-approved substrates, as it takes into account proper surface preparation, the use of suitable installation equipment, tile leveling systems and correctly formulated mortars such as the Kerabond T / Keralastic system.

“MAPEI has manufactured Tile & Stone Installation Systems for more than 75 years,” Pistulka stated. “We’re here to do more than sell products; we work hard to serve our customers and anticipate their needs for success today and tomorrow.”