Shaw Floors has announced the introduction of several new PET styles available for the Fall selling season. In addition to Painted Stone, an innovative PET style inspired by natural stone looks, the company will introduce two “Power Buys” that reflect value pricing ideal for both roll inventory and cut-order when budget is the primary consideration.

While the initial concept for Painted Stone was a granite look, it grew into a broader scope, including limestone, semi-precious stones, and even poured concrete. However, using natural stone as an inspiration went beyond aesthetics. Emily Morrow, Shaw’s residential director of color, style, and design, says, “There’s an aspect of coordination we considered, since today’s homeowners are striving to connect the diverse surfaces within their homes to create a harmonious continuity.” Morrow noted that names for the style’s 16 colors were derived from the sources they’re based upon, such as quartz, feldspar, golden topaz, and pumice.

Painted Stone is crafted of PET in a textured construction. It is backed with ClassicBac and features Shaw’s patented R2X Stain and Soil Resistance System.

Power Buy 155 is a soft cut-pile texture engineered with a newly developed space-dyed yarn that blends the elegance of tweed with the color statement of an accent. Power Buy 110/210 is also a soft cut-pile texture in a better/best construction that features a unique combination of various dye methods to create a “frost tip” visual.

Brad Christensen, manager of residential polyester marketing, says that these new products demonstrate the company’s ability to produce rich, multi-dimensional and vibrant color palettes in PET. “We’re pleased that we can offer these stunning visuals and excellent quality at such competitive prices,” says Christensen