Custom Building Products introduces its Industrial Grade Commercial Epoxy Grout (CEG-IG), a 100-percent solids, water-cleanable epoxy grout that is specially formulated for the harshest chemical environments by incorporating high chemical, stain and temperature resistance along with easy installation.

“Designed to be used in unforgiving environments such as industrial plants, commercial kitchens and food processing facilities, CEG-IG truly rounds out CUSTOM’s grout offering by being designed to perform under the most challenging conditions,” said Prashant Panchal, senior product manager for Custom Building Products. “CUSTOM’s latest grout innovation is well suited for areas where the presence of acids, alkalis, solvents, strong detergents and other chemicals would normally cause significant deterioration to many grouts. Plus, CEG-IG is stain resistant, fast curing, and water cleanable.”

CEG-IG can be used as both a grout and a setting mortar with virtually any type of tile on floors or walls. CEG-IG also contains recycled LEED contributing ingredients, is color consistent and stain and chemical resistant. The two-part, 100-percent solids epoxy features no shrinkage and is easy to spread and clean up.

CEG-IG offers excellent resistance to oleic acid, a harmful byproduct of enzymatic cleaners and fat and grease commonly found in commercial kitchens, as well as resistance to solvents and inorganic and organic acids. Additionally, it is ideal for use at hospitals, restaurants and food preparation areas, as well as locations where clinical sanitation is typically maintained by harsh cleaning methods. CEG-IG exceeds the performance requirements of ANSI A118.3 while meeting many of the A118.5 requirements for industrial use.

Like CEG-IG, CUSTOM’s other commercial epoxy grout, CEG Lite, is an easy-to-work-with product solution that is stain- and- high-moisture resistant, fast curing, water cleanable and available in 27 colors. Both CEG-IG and CEG Lite are two-part epoxy products that share the same “part A” component, a patent-pending innovation from CUSTOM. The shared “part A” component allows distributors to reduce inventory costs.