StonePeak has announced that every porcelain tile produced in its Crossville, TN, manufacturing facility is Green Squared Certified.

Green Squared, the Tile Council of North America's third party sustainability certification initiative, is the first program of its kind written exclusively for tiles and tile installation materials. The standard that Green Squared is based on, ANSI A138.1, contains the social and environmental sustainability criteria for porcelain tile, among other tile and installation materials as well.

The criteria to achieve Green Squared Certification includes:

  • General Environmental Characteristics
  • Environmental Product Manufacturing
  • End of Product Life Management
  • Progressive Corporate Governance
  • Innovation

“StonePeak is proud to have not only exceeded the amount of points needed to certify for Green Squared; however, we are still improving our efforts in pursuit of more. Green Squared is the new benchmark for defining and acknowledging tile products which are truly sustainable, and teamed up with our new Green Step System, you can rest assured that there are no 'greener' tiles than StonePeak,” the company said in a statement.