Michael Halebian & Co., Inc., a leading flooring distributor in New York Metro, Philadelphia Metro and Southern New England has received the Kahrs Distributor of the Year award for 2012.  The honor is given to the distributor that produces the most volume percentage of growth, most gross margin and the top performer by far.  MHCO is one of the largest Kahrs distributors in the United States. MHCO also received the Kahrs Performer of the Year award for 2011.

“Congratulations to Michael Halebian & Co., Inc. for their team efforts and profitable and growth oriented future” said Sean Swanson, President of Kahrs, North and South American Market.  The MHCO team is highly focused on the commercial market and expanding both the retail and commercial lines in the mid Atlantic region.  The future for the partnership with Kahrs and MHCO will include a strategic retail plan with an increase in those specified commercial projects and smaller higher level spec jobs.  “MHCO is a hybrid distributor that provides a high quality brand that they believe in versus other vendors that will provide product because of market pressure to provide whatever the dealer needs” said Sean Swanson.           

Michael Halebian, Jr., President of MHCO, expressed excitement about the future with Kahrs and feels that they are just realizing the full potential of the line.  In the last several years we have become more committed to wood products and have established a 24 hour turnaround time for product.  

“MHCO is pleased to report that the Kahrs product continues to be enthusiastically embraced at both the retail and commercial flooring levels.  An equal amount of interest has been expressed in Kahrs by the architect and designer communities!  We are very proud to get this award from our partners at Kahrs. Our mutual success is the result of an 8 year partnership.” said Michael Halebian, Jr.

Martin Ackerman, Wood Floor Representative / MHCO said “I have been with MHCO since 2012 and have worked within the flooring industry for 43 years.  In that time I have worked with numerous distributors and MHCO brings me back to the heyday of distributors, specifically the team dedication to the Kahrs line and growing the customer relationships”.