Masland Contract has turned to the power of the sun in the installation of thermosiphon solar water heaters at its Saraland and Atmore Alabama manufacturing sites. The energy-efficient units are being utilized to heat water used in the manufacturing labs, as well as potable water in employee restrooms.

Solar water heaters are now in use in warmer climates around the globe, providing a safe, reliable, and sustainable solution to energy use. Thermosiphon passive water heater systems consist of a solar storage tank, solar panels, pipes and valves; the storage tanks are installed above the panels to collect the heated water as it rises from the panels.

“These thermosiphon solar water systems continue our commitment to embracing new ideas and technologies concerning sustainable issues,” says David Hobbs, Executive Vice-President of Operations. “With such efforts as conservation practices, waste elimination programs, and utilization of recycled materials, we strive to be an eco-conscious corporate citizen.”