Shamrock Plank Flooring has announced the addition of a pre-finishing plant located in Hernando, MS. This addition allows Shamrock to be truly vertically integrated and have a unique niche in the flooring market.

Shamrock’s new pre-finishing line is unique to the U.S and designed to Shamrock’s specifications. ‘’I wanted to bring jobs back to American workers and to our local community. By overseeing the process from standing timber to finished flooring, we have quality control throughout every step. The techniques and processes we have in place are second to none.” says Jack Shannon, Jr., president of Shamrock Plank Flooring.

Shamrock is partnering with Valspar to offer a 10-coat finishing system utilizing scratch resistant Aluminum Oxide. Distressed flooring, featured in the Rancho Madera Collection, German Gasthaus Series and Irish Pub Series, will showcase a cutting edge dual-tone color process of water base and UV Solid stains that brings out the true beauty in each flooring plank, and enhances the depth and texture of the distressing technique.

"The addition of the pre-finishing plant allows us to offer designer colors and textures, and even the ability to create custom colors, that the designers, architects and contractors want and the market place needs. The new techniques we are using are unique, and I’m proud to have this located here in the U.S.A,’’ Shannon adds.

Shamrock Plank Flooring offers the Heritage Collection, a full line of pre-finished smooth products, as well as distressed flooring featuring hand scraped, hand sculpted and wire brushed planks.