Kennebec Lumber Company has begun construction on three new state-of-the-art kilns, each capable of drying 60,000 board feet, increasing overall capacity to nearly 1,000,000 board feet. The new computer-controlled propane-fired kilns will nearly double current hardwood drying capacity on-site at the Maine Traditions manufacturing facility in Solon, Maine. Construction will be ongoing through the winter, and the new kilns should be operational by March 2014. 

Marc Kendrew, general manager, indicates that increased demand for Kennebec Lumber's Maine Traditions brand of hardwood flooring has driven this latest expansion. "Between our distribution network rapidly expanding into new markets throughout North America and the planned Q1 roll-out of an exciting new line of high-end designer hardwood floors, we are poised to meet the demands of our growing number of distributors both now and into the future.”