Decked has launched their full line of pickup truck bed storage system products and accessories which are now available for order on their website,, and from select dealers across the country. Decked is a storage system that attaches to the tie-downs in full-sized pickup trucks without drilling to provide secure, weatherproof storage for gear while improving the utility and functionality of the pickup truck bed.

Decked is an innovative full-sized truck bed storage system that incorporates two waterproof, bed-length drawers which roll out to provide easy access to tools, equipment and additional gear. The deck of the storage system is built from 100% recycled high-density polyethylene co-molded to a steel sub frame providing a 2,000 lbs. load capacity. The drawers can hold up to 200 lbs. each and are lockable to provide secure storage.  Each drawer can hold tools, parts and supplies, sporting goods, or just about anything that is normally stored in a truck bed. The system is weatherproof and the deck can be configured to accommodate tie downs or rack systems. The Decked system can be mounted in nearly every full size pickup truck made since the late 1990s, is easy to install, and mounts to the truck bed’s existing tie downs with no drilling required. 

“A great deal of hard work has gone into creating what we think is the perfect storage solution for nearly everyone with a full-size pickup. Decked is a durable pickup truck storage system and it will help truck owners realize the full storage capability of their truck bed,” said Lance Meller, Founder and vice president of sales for Decked.

The concept for Decked came from Meller who worked out of his truck for years as an outdoor product salesman. He quickly learned he needed a way to organize and protect his gear while still retaining the functionality of the truck bed. Meller and Jake Peters, Dedcked's general manager, teamed up to create a company that could bring this innovative product to market. Decked is for anyone that needs to keep their gear dry, organized and secure.

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