Fabulous Floors Magazine and The North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) are partnering to produce Living on Laminate, A Design and Resource Guide, a glossy print and digital publication that takes the story of laminate flooring to the consumer.

Starting in April 2014, 50,000 copies of Living on Laminate will be sold in over 1500 bookstores like Barnes & Noble, Books A  Million and Hastings. In addition to retail distribution, upon request copies of the magazine will be available to advertisers in bulk to use as a marketing piece/tutorial for customers.

Living on Laminate will also be posted to NALFA’s website. Additionally, Living on Laminate will appear on cross platform digital magazine retailer magzter.com. Advertisers will receive copies of the publication.

Living on Laminate is a single-edition consumer magazine produced by Fabulous Floors Magazine. The 84-page, laminate-specific magazine, is in production, featuring outstanding, targeted editorial copy germane to laminate flooring, written by industry experts. 

Living on Laminate’s content areas include Laminate and Your Lifestyle, Discovering Laminate, Laminates Room by Room, Premium Materials, NALFA Certified Products, Installation and Maintenance, Laminate Buyer’s Guide and List of Certified NALFA Brands.

Fabulous Floors Magazine, laminate manufacturers and NALFA have long wished to reach out to the consumer with a publication, and, believe Living on Laminate is a way to connect with target customers at an affordable cost.