National Applied Construction (NAC) Products has passed the test for surface burning characteristics of its crack isolation and sound abatement membrane system.

NGC Testing Services was contracted by NAC to perform ASTM E84-13a, the standard test method for surface burning characteristics of building materials. This test determines the relative behavior of the membrane system by observing the flame spread along the system and reporting the smoke developed and flame spread index.

The NAC crack isolation, sound abatement membrane system scored a “0” on the flame spread index (FSI) and the smoke developed index (SDI) thereby achieving Class “A” status. The flame did not progress during steady ignition and after the flame was extinguished, the system did not continue to flame.

“This test is the latest example of NAC’s commitment to research and development as we continually strive to provide the safest and most effective building products on the market,” said Vice President of Operations Brian Petit.

NAC offers a variety of floor protection systems for crack isolation (ECB), sound control (SAM 3 and Super SAM 125) waterproofing (Strataflex sheet and SubSeal liquid membranes) and moisture control.

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