Brazilian company Eucatex has entered into a global non-exclusive license agreement with Välinge for the use of locking systems in laminate flooring.

Eucatex was founded in 1951 to manufacture fiberboards and the company started the production of Eucafloor laminate flooring in 1998. With over 2,000 employees in four modern plants in São Paulo state, Eucatex is a leading manufacturer of products for the civil construction and furniture industry in Brazil. 

With Välinge's 2G and 5G-C technologies, Eucatex is now moving forward to meet the market demand for fast, easy and strong installation of laminate flooring.

”The 2G and 5G systems to be used in the new line of Eucafloor laminate floorings will offer an easy installation, which is a feature particularly appreciated by the customers. Introducing laminate products with Välinge’s locking systems is one more step forward for Eucatex towards innovation with quality and strengthens our relationship with the company who has provided the most advanced technology to the flooring industry”, says Flávio Maluf, executive president of the Eucatex group. 

Välinge’s 5G is the fastest growing mechanical locking system on the market and offers a unique combination of strong locking and fast installation by simply folding down the floor panel. Over 75 Välinge licensees have already introduced wood, laminate, nadura or LVT/resilient products with 5G lockings. More than 700 millions square meters of floors with 5G / Fold Down locking systems have been installed worldwide since the launch of this cutting-edge technology in 2005.