Startnet RecycleStarnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership’s Reclamation Program has established a goal of recycling 50 million pounds of reclaimed commercial carpet by 2015.

The Starnet Reclamation Program is in conjunction with Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) which helps companies recycle their used carpets. Starnet will take care of the entire process – from removal to compliance to certification – and alleviate the hassles that can be associated with environmentally responsible disposal of commercial carpet materials. Starnet’s Reclamation Program can contribute to LEED accreditation on renovation projects.

Starnet will reclaim any type of commercial carpet anywhere in the country and ship it to dedicated reclamation centers, therefore bypassing landfills. Some fibers are recycled in a “closed loop” process that transforms used carpet fibers into brand new nylon carpet yarn. Other fibers and backings are recycled for use in new consumer and industrial parts or converted from waste to energy.

Starnet’s goal of reclaiming 50 million pounds of commercial carpet by 2015 is not a stretch and its environmental impact is very measurable. Since the program began in 2006, Starnet has reclaimed 8,859,124 square yards. (79,732,116 sq. ft.) of used carpet weighing nearly 40 million pounds. Due to the program, 196,869 cubic yds. of landfil has been avoided, 119,895,300 gallons of water and 398,660,580 BTUs of electric has been saved and 278,743,478 pounds of CO2 equivalent has been prevented from contributing to global warming.

Keep an eye on Starnet’s progress by visiting the reclamation tracker at as it ticks off the amount of carpet diverted from landfills.