blue finBlue Fin is the newest member of the Traxx Corporation product family.

Blue Fin is a traditional heat-seaming iron that addresses the synthetics and materials used in today’s softer, temperature-sensitive carpets. 

Included in the benefits of Blue Fin on today's carpet installation are the cooler heat shield which helps protect against distortion and delamination; heat shield temperature which has been “tuned” to re-activate Traxx seam welding sticks;  internal heating element is embedded in thermal gel for fas and even heating; high quality thermostat reduces high/low temperature swings.

Product features include:

- Extended tail-end grooves shape adhesive beads right to the end of the seam

- Larger Control Knob for easier adjustments

- Dual Indicator Lights: Red for 'Power is On' / Green for 'Temperature is Ready.'

- Re-enforced Handle and Secure Internal Wiring for increased durability

- 15-Foot Long Heavy Duty Power cord for extra mobility

Blue Fin is also a component of the Traxx Carpet Welding System. For more product information, visit