Wood Pro and Custom Wholesale Floors now distribute FreeFit LVT.

Wood Pro and Custom Wholesale Floors have signed exclusive agreements to distribute FreeFit LVT throughout their territories.

The combined distributorships, which previously focused on wood flooring, operate out of 12 locations and service territories spanning between Maine and Connecticut in the Northeast as well as from North Carolina to Florida in the Southeast. 

“Adding FreeFit gives us a high quality product line that allows us to differentiate ourselves from the competition in a market segment that is growing – we couldn’t ignore LVT any longer, but we didn’t want a commodity product,” said Tony Benvenuti, CEO, Wood Pro/Custom Wholesale Floors. “As experts in wood flooring, we have already established a customer base that will see the complimentary nature of an easy to install, waterproof floor.”

Introduced at Surfaces 2010, FreeFit has been granted three U.S. patents for its non-skid backing technology that allows its planks and tiles to be installed loose laid, perimeter secured or fully adhered depending on the application.

“Choosing the right partner with a proprietary story was critical,” said Joe DuPree, COO, Custom Wholesale Floors. “You can only have an advantage on a look or species for a short time, but proprietary and patented installation methods offer a longer competitive advantage."