Bellavita Tile uses the Fused Method to create its glass tiles.

Bellavita Tile has chosen to produce all of its glass tile products using the Fused Method, which captures the light refraction and depth of glass, according to the company.

The company explained the material starts with pre-fired float glass (similar to what is used for car windshields). It then gets a thick glaze application to the rear face and then a double layer of protective coating. All glazes are produced from natural minerals and are applied through a broad range of techniques from hand-brushing to mechanical screen applications.
Bellavita's fused glass goes through the final firing process on top of a textured mold in many collections, a process which slumps the glass forming a relief pattern in the surface. This regimen creates amazing depth and nuances of color tone that shift as one moves throughout the space, company officials noted.
Bellavita noted glass tile is impervious—meaning it has 0% porosity and therefore is nearly impossible to stain without using sealers. Additionally, it is easily maintained with environmentally safe cleaners.
Glass contains no organic material, the company added, so it does not contribute to VOCs or other indoor air contaminants. On top of that, glass tile inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and other bacteria. Because of its inert nature, glass is even unaffected by the sun, so those brilliant colors will stay vibrant for years to come. 
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