tandus lvt
Tandus Centiva has added Substrate and NuGrain to its LVT offering.

Tandus Centiva has introduced two styles—Substrate and NuGrain, expanding the company’s luxury vinyl tile products in the marketplace.

Substrate is an intuitive new material for the floor plane developed by Suzanne Tick and Terry Mowers with the Japanese concept of finding singular beauty in the transient nature of pared down objects. As a luxury vinyl tile, Substrate brings the look of textile scrim to the floor in an enduring format with the look of irregular fluidity and modest imperfection. With a 32mil wear layer and deep embossing technique, Substrate has a similar look and feel to the original scrim carpet backing. 

The variated linear grain of NuGrain takes on an exotic twist with saturated, sensuous colors and metallic hues. Rich, clear undertones and surface texture impart dimensionality and visual interest. This clean line luxury vinyl tile provides the unique look and patina of stained or washed specialty floors without the expense and time consumption required by the natural materials. 

As part of the Tandus Centiva Contour Series, both Substrate and NuGrain were developed for heavy commercial use and are aimed for spaces such as retail stores, restaurants, healthcare facilities, offices and learning environments. 

In an effort to provide designers with improved product tools, NuGrain and Substrate are the first luxury vinyl tile products available as part of the Tandus Centiva removable and recyclable portfolio system. 

Tandus Centiva delivers fit-for-purpose flooring solutions across several flooring categories. A challenge for the market has been an easy transition between flooring types. Tandus Centiva responds with MetalEdge, a transition piece designed to work specifically with the vast array of Tandus Centiva soft and hard surface flooring. 

“Our removable portfolio system is designed to complement the way designers work. The feature panel displays a cross-section of how our new MetalEdge transition system beautifully integrates our platforms, and the removable color swatches enhance flexibility and practicality,” states Mausi McDaniel, Vice President of Marketing for Tandus Centiva. 

For more information, visit tandus-centiva.com.