Mannington Commercial has been honored a Nightingale Award for Teles, its new high-resiliency rubber plank and tile. Sponsored by The Center for Health Design, Contract and Healthcare Design, the awards showcase the best in product design that contributes to the quality of healthcare.

In healthcare applications, high gloss, smooth rubber tile is desirable—but it is prone to show indentations with heavy rolling and static loads. With Teles, Mannington has created a new category of high-resiliency rubber, with unprecedented indentation resistance, color retention and slip-resistance. Teles passes indentation tests with three times the required PSI resistance, and brings new levels of rubber’s comfort underfoot and acoustic properties to employees and patients. 

Teles is designed as a flexible family of products, with formats including 35- and 17.5-inch square tiles, 17.5 x 35-inch tile and 5.8 x 35-inch planks. The modular formats can be installed together as a system or as stand alone products. With a color line inspired by natural earthscapes, the product’s visual elevates the traditional rubber aesthetic, Mannington noted. Custom colors are available, and can be further customized through the use of color pairs; colors can be shifted to darker or lighter tones, for a more dramatic look.

Three internal waxes provide a self-waxing feature, reducing maintenance and protecting the product in heavy traffic environments, according to the company. Made in the U.S. of natural rubber, Teles is a PVC-free product with 10% sustainable material, IAQ certified under FloorScore, approved as CHPS 01350 compliant and recognized in LEED IEQ Credit 4.3. 

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