stainmaster website
Stainmaster has updated its website.
Stainmaster.comhas a new look. The fresh layout with vivid imagery offers engaging content and intuitive navigation, according to Invista, maker of Stainmaster fibers.
We’ve redesigned the website with a significant focus on our customers,” said Saakait Mathur, global director of interactive marketing for the Stainmaster brand. “The site upgrades feature enhanced content to educate consumers about Stainmaster, improve lead generation to retailers and simplify the navigation so visitors can get to where they want quicker.” 
The updated website offers multiple points of entry for visitors to get content about the entire portfolio of Stainmaster products—not just carpet. With an improved store locator and new product browse feature highlighting the brand’s partner mill carpet styles, consumers can find retailers in their areas that offer products they want.
“The improved carpet quiz is easier to use and renders better results that we believe will compel users to contact a retailer for more information,” added Mathur. is now mobile optimized, offering a better experience for consumers who primarily use their mobile devices.