Wools of New Zealand will be exhibiting rugs colored with gold to unveil a new fiber technology at the International Surface Event (TISE), which will be held Jan. 20 to 23 in Las Vegas.

“This is a new innovation in wool yarn. We are calling this proprietary process the Aulana brand,” said Hallie Cobb, of Wools of New Zealand. “These rugs are a unique blend of precious metal and natural fiber to create an exclusive textile.”
The science of the Aulana technology comes from the early alchemical processes used to create the color in stained glass windows of gothic cathedrals. Aulana takes this same science and uses gold to shift light into soft purples and grays. No dyes are used. "Aulana is simply pure New Zealand Wool colored with pure gold," added Cobb.
Wools of New Zealand premier partners, retailers and guests will be able to view Aulana rugs as well as many other fine carpets and rugs made of New Zealand wool and other wool blends at the Wools of New Zealand booth S-6221. It is the center of the Wools of New Zealand pavilion at TISE, which will include the booths of 23 Wools of New Zealand Brand partners eager to talk about the beauty, softness and durability of eco-friendly New Zealand wool. The Wools of New Zealand Brand area will be identified with floor stickers and signage, accompanied by maps that will be made available to retailers.
“Our premier partners are a community of luxury retailers,” said Cobb. “To be part of that community, they have proven their commitment to high quality wool products, staff training and customer service. Our Premier Partners benefit from exclusive programs and products designed to distinguish their showrooms and elevate sales of Wools of New Zealand Brand carpets and rugs.”
For more information, visit woolsnz.com.