QFloors customers recently previewed the flooring software company’s newest offering, QFloors 7.0, which is currently in development.

QFloors unveiled the new web-based software solution during a conference held in Riviera Maya, Mexico, last November. According to the company, QFloors 7.0 provides greater flexibility and mobility and an updated, polished interface. The business management software (also often called ERP) controls and streamlines operations for floor-covering companies.
Chad Ogden, QFloors president and CEO said, “QFloors 7.0 will be a game-changer in the industry. It brings sophistication, flexibility, and forward-looking technology and design. Its development represents a huge investment of resources for our company, but we feel it’s worth it, because of how far this new direction can take us.”
While cloud technology is nothing new, this product is unique because it runs in a web browser, not through a terminal emulation program like the majority of other cloud offerings. This means that QFloors 7.0 will run on any device at any time, and will be more adaptable across all those different platforms.
“Web-based technology is the future; it’s where everything is headed, so we’re redesigning QFloors using the latest innovative web technologies," said Ogden. "We decided to step up and blaze the trail for our customers and for the industry, because no one else is doing anything like this. While there have been a few other minor attempts, QFloors is the first major flooring software company to adopt these new innovations throughout their core technologies. We’re using technologies that have just become available over the past few years, so it’s really exciting.”
The new direction delivers several significant advantages with it, according to Ogden. "As an increasing number of people use mobile devices like smartphones, iPads, tablets, etc. to do business, mobility and flexibility have become a big deal. People want software that can be used across all platforms, whether you are talking about Apple vs. PC, an iPad vs. a tablet, or an iPhone vs. an Android," he said.
Another important advantage to users is that IT costs are reduced significantly, because they will no longer need their own server or have to worry about expensive hosting or IT fees. It also means that giant corporations like Microsoft and Apple will not have as much control over costs, development, platforms, and updates.
Easier customization is another important advantage. Ogden explained, “We recognize that our customers often have unique needs for their particular business. In the past, customizing was a very long and expensive process. But this new cloud-based technology provides a way to more easily and affordably customize. The software is more flexible to expand with a company’s growing needs. And either QFloors or our customers themselves can write apps that correlate with the software, and turn it around with much less effort and time expended."
Waylon Reeves of White River Flooring in Arkansas and a QFloors user, said, “To say I am anxiously awaiting the release of QFloors 7.0 would be a huge understatement. Not that the current version of QFloors isn’t working just great for my company—we love it. But I know 7.0 will be an awesome advancement.”
He added, QFloors’ continual innovation is one of the benefits of being a customer. "I have been with QFloors since 2007, and I have been very impressed with the additional technology introduced each and every year. Based on how helpful all the past advancements have been I am certain this is going to be huge. I appreciate that QFloors is always willing to push the envelope a little further, and that they so often incorporate customers’ suggestions as they do so.”
Ogden added, “Another advantage is that the QFloors support team (which already receives really high marks from customers) will be even better equipped to provide excellent customer support because a lot of the headaches stemming from the unique issues of individual systems and network configurations are taken out of the equation. Backup and server issues will largely go away, and virus risk will be drastically reduced. The technical issues our customers had to deal with from their end will be minimized. That’s a big deal, no matter what size of store.”
Because 7.0 is an entirely different platform, the QFloors programmers have had their work cut out for them. “Basically we’re utilizing the knowledge and feedback we’ve gathered over the past 15 years and combining it with the very latest technologies. It is a huge investment for us, but we’re convinced this will ensure our users the best experience into the future. It also says to the industry that we’re here for the long term,” said Ogden. “The preview of the software went very well. People loved it. Now we just need to finish things up so we can begin to get customers up and going on it. I expect that to occur during the latter part of this year.”
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