The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has transitioned its headquarter location to its Global Resource Center in Las Vegas. As part of the move, IICRC is also changing association management firms to Metacred, an association management firm specializing in credentialing programs.

“Moving the institute management operations to our Global Resource Center has long been a part of our strategic vision,” said Tony Wheelwright, IICRC's chairman. “While there are a number of benefits, a primary benefit is offering our key stakeholders better access to the Institute's operations and improving the transparency of our operations.”
The change in association management responsibilities was determined following a comprehensive request for proposal (RFP) process. According to Wheelwright, the IICRC board selected Metacred based on its expertise, capabilities and vision for the future of the institute. As a part of the transition, IICRC hopes to improve overall operational efficiencies, including improvements to the exam development and review system. It will also review its current certifications and standards and benchmark them against relevant industries to ensure it continues to provide best-in-class programs. 
Wheelwright added, the move will also improve the IICRC’s proximity to some of the industry’s largest tradeshows. It is the Institute’s goal to further develop the Global Resource Center and provide additional testing and certification resources while capitalizing on attendance at these events. 
“We couldn’t be more appreciative to Tom Hill and the hard-working staff at KCI for their dedication to growing our organization to where it stands today,” he said. “Through our new relationship with Metacred, we feel that the Institute is positioned for future success as they will help us take the next step in elevating the visibility and acceptance of our standards and credentialing programs.” 
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