The Flooring Contractors Association (FCICA), in cooperation with Ardex Americas and nora systems, have developed the Bruce Newbrough Memorial Scholarship for the Certified Installation Manager (CIM) program.

The Bruce Newbrough Memorial Scholarship has been established to provide educational opportunities to floor covering installation managers who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to and excellence in proper substrate preparation and installation of floor covering. Bruce Newbrough, as Ardex director of technical services and later applications development, utilized oppertunities to further his vision and passion which was industry education and training on proper substrate preparation, all for the purpose of achieving successful installations. According to Gerry Swift, FCICA's chairman, this is the foundation on which FCICA, was built and the reason that Newbrough was an ambassador of this organization.

“FCICA is honored, not only to have known and worked with Bruce Newbrough, but also to have this opportunity to work with both ARDEX and nora towards our common goal of a standard of excellence for Installation Managers in the Certified Installation Manager Program,” said Swift.

Seth Pevarnik, director of technical services for Ardex added, “…the one association that Bruce favored the most was FCICA. His support of FCICA began in 1993. He supported the Associates committee and chaired it. He was on FCICA's board. He conducted multiple education presentations over the years. Bruce loved this association as his passion was industry education and training, which is the foundation on which FCICA was built. Ardex wanted to pay tribute and remembrance to Bruce and his support of the flooring industry. Upon looking at the support that Bruce provided to the industry, it was obvious that there was not a better association/organization to do this through.”

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