Fritztile's new RGlass Brights collection, featuring 20 patterns of white rocks mixed with colored glass.

Fritztile's new RGlass Brights collection features 20 patterns that combine white rocks mixed with colored glass to create bold and colorful tiles.

According to the company, the collection offers colors suitable for education, healthcare, hospitality, retail and many more commercial markets.

"The classic looks in Fritztile’s collection have served our customers for more than five decades. While the classics never go out of style, it is important for the line to continue to adapt to the changing landscape of commercial design aesthetics," explained Randy Gillespie, Fritztile's senior vice president of sales and marketing. “In response to the recent design trends, Fritztile has developed RGlass Brights with a broad range of colors that are intended to appeal to a broad range of specifiers. The goal was to provide complementary patterns to our existing line that would open up more design options for our customers.”

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