According to a recent report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which predicts that this year millennials will represent the majority of the workforce and, by 2030, this connected, tech savvy group will comprise 75% of the workforce, it is imperative that we understand their needs and values to recruit the best and brightest. To do this, we have to stand out in our communities, create a culture of encouragement, feedback and ownership, be different and be flexible.

Unlike previous generations, millennials want to feel like they’re a part of something and that they can make a difference in the world and workplace. By sharing company goals, allowing them to be part of the decision making process, providing updates and feedback, companies can create an engaging environment in which millennials can succeed and continue to grow.

Millennials have become accustomed to flexible work styles and want to have a “life” outside of their careers. This is why you need to offer a variety of incentives to entice them to join your organization.

As part of CCA Global Partners, Flooring America’s employees receive many benefits. CCA allows employees to bring their kids and/or pets to work. CCA offers a free gym membership as well as yoga classes. To establish and build strong relationships, Flooring America has group get-togethers after work with spouses so employees can get to know each other’s families.

In addition, CCA has partnered with the local Big Brother Big Sister chapter to provide our employees with an opportunity to give back to the community. Once a week a group of students come to our offices to meet with their designated mentors and our team launched a Back Pack Buddies program that will be piloted nationally by the Big Brother Big Sister organization.

By offering these opportunities to employees, we have created a great environment internally and an enviable environment for those outside.

Being as transparent as possible is key to keeping millennials engaged. Be sure to communicate company goals and provide progress updates to ensure all employees are working toward the same goal.

Similarly, being transparent about the employee’s progress is important as well. Millennials expect clear career paths, and according to statistics, generally only stay in jobs on average three years. To retain them long term, they need to feel like there is room for growth and that they have the autonomy to do what they feel is right to reach their goals.

These office perks can tilt the hiring hand in your favor. Be engaged with your employees. Learn about their families and their interests. Give them direct access to the decision makers and treat them as equals.

Creating a flexible, family atmosphere where they can have fun at work while striving toward common goals is a key to success. A culture of clearly expressed goals coupled with a true team atmosphere where everyone has the opportunity to make a difference is applicable to all employees. Although we highlight this for millennials, it’s necessary to adapt to today’s changing workforce where we’re all competing for the best and brightest.