Lunada Bay has expanded its Agate collection with the addition of a pattern of glass tile inspired by the ancient Japanese art of Taiko drumming.

“Just as each Taiko drum ensemble plays its own unique cadence, each arrangement of Taiko tiles takes on a unique style based on the colors and finishes chosen, and may also be beautifully complemented by other tiles in the Agate collection,” said Feras Irikat, Lunada's creative director.

Taiko is available in 10 luminous shades and three finishes—pearl, silk and ribbed—offering multiple possibilities for customization.

According to Feras, Taiko and the rest of Agate patterns reflect light, reminiscent of sunrays shimmering on water. This is made possible by the handmade manufacturing process, which incorporates creases, wrinkles, waves, bubbles and other surface effects designed to capture light. From sleek to monochromatic to juxtaposed and textured, glass tiles offer a profusion of possibilities for contemporary, transitional and traditional spaces.

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