Support from Carpet Recycling U.K.’s (CRUK) core funders has been crucial in the industry’s achievement of diverting rising volumes of waste carpet from landfill within the last decade, according to the organization.

Recognizing the commitment and contribution from core funders and members—Cormar Carpets, Lifestyle Floors/Headlam, Desso, Ege, Milliken, Balsan and Marlings— Laurance Bird, CRUK’s director, thanked financial supporters for providing the vital impetus to the recycling and landfill diversion cause.

“Without their unstinting support, the industry would not be where it is today; that is keeping raw materials out of landfill and in the supply chain,” he said. “With their help, we have already surpassed our first major milestone of 25% diversion from landfill.”

Bird estimates CRUK's membership currently covers around 35% of the carpet supplied to the U.K. market. CRUK’s activities helped the U.K. carpet manufacturers to achieve zero waste to landfill in 2012.

Next steps, according to Bird, are to encourage manufacturers to assist in recovery of clean installation offcuts using their logistics networks and to advise customers on opportunities for recycling offcuts, as well as old carpets. More work is needed to find higher-value outlets.

“Our work to date means we can now effectively offer the whole ‘circular’ package,” he said. “Manufacturers are helping their customers with their clients’ waste carpet, while examining how their own products can be improved with sustainability in mind. With valued support from our core funders and members, we continue to do a great job but more support is critical.”

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