The Marble Institute of America's (MIA) “No Place for Complacency: Keep Safety Active” Webinar is now available for download in the MIA bookstore.

This 30-minute Webinar is presented by Chad Vadnais, director of environmental health and safety for the Dal-Tile Corp., and MIA safety committee member.

“The three keys to a safe work environment are recognition, evaluation and control,” he said. The Webinar presents an overview of the daily hazards encountered in the stone and ceramic tile industry and how to avoid them. Four main areas are covered: hazard recognition, common areas of complacency, best management practices and available resources.

“This Webinar is a new way for MIA to promote safety best practices in the natural stone industry," said Mike Loflin, industry research and information manager at MIA. “Companies can access the Webinar at any time and use it for their ongoing employee safety training.”

In addition to “No Place for Complacency: Keep Safety Active,” the Webinar, “Introduction to Google Analytics,” presented by Christine Whittemore of Simple Marketing Now, is also available.

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